Cherry Bookcase

If you are interested in commissioning a chair or other piece of furniture the first step is to contact Robert.

Following this, Robert will contact you by telephone to discuss your requirements. If possible, he prefers to visit to find out exactly what you would like and get a feel for the environment in which it would be placed and agree an outline budget.

Then he will prepare at least two designs to your brief with quotes and present these at a second meeting for approval. Any changes can be incorporated until you are satisfied.

Once the details are finalised and a delivery date agreed, a deposit is paid. You will receive regular update on the progress of your commission and can see photographs of the piece developing on a private web gallery.

Once complete, if you live in Ireland Robert will personally deliver the piece. If you live on the UK mainland or further, insured shipping will be arranged.

Guide to pricing

Bespoke pieces are individual and differ in complexity and as a result the cost can vary enormously.

You might think that pieces designed specifically for you would be exorbitantly expensive. However, if you compare off the self furniture made to the same quality the prices can be surprisingly similar and you will own an unique piece made to your exact specification and requirements.

Prices for pieces are negotiated and fixed when the specification is agreed, or occasionally can be based on materials and time taken to complete the project.

As a guide. Prices for the more commonly made pieces:-

- Kitchen stools start at £240
- Bow back kitchen stools start at £295
- Rocking chairs start from £2,500

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